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We collaborate with factories situated in Europe, India and Turkey to supply worked plates and flanges to the wind tower producers. The processing of heavy plates for wind towers production includes following: flattening, blasting, bending, edge beveling, thermal and plasma cutting etc.


Hull Assembling & Metal Processing Facilities

Performs works on pre-processing of rolled metal (straightening, shot-blasting, priming) cutting and bending of details; performs straightening, shot-blasting of rolled metal plates 3 to 50 mm thickness, maximum size 3200x16000mm on plasma and gas cutting machines. Bending equipment provides for bending of details of 1 to 50mm thick plates of all types and shapes, including shaped bends by profile gauge and frame work, bottom stamping of 6 to 10 mm thick plates, with diameter 350mm to 800mm as well as bending materials of rolled profiles.

The assembling-and-welding production deals with assembly and welding of metal sections and units of all kinds (flat and volumetric); produces sections and units sizing 16m x 25,3m, weighing 85T to 180T, using 5 to 125T l.c. overhead cranes, semi-automatic and automatic welding equipment.

Shafts and parts for Wind Energy generating equipment and wind driven electric plants are among scope of products of sourcing mills.

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